Curvy Challenges

It’s hard to be curvy in a size zero world. I’ve been politely described as Rubenesque in the past and my love of 1940s and 1950s fashion speaks volumes.  Curves seemed more acceptable back then.

Lately though I fear I’ve pushed the line from curvy to obese. To be fair I’ve been on steroids since December 2012 and only just stopped them. Plus damaged lungs and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome do not lend themselves to aerobic exercise. On the positive side I don’t eat meat or fish, dairy is a rarity and alcohol stopped a year ago. However ulcerative colitis means fruit & veg has to be avoided. So it’s a dietary challenge and most common healthy eating plans are tricky. However in the spirit of honesty I should confess to a love of coffee and cake!

So what’s my point here? Well despite a passion for fashion I rarely shop for clothes, as honestly it’s not much fun when you’re a generous size 18 on a good day. There I’ve said it. I’ve put my size out there on the web. Yikes. A big curvy generously proportioned yikes.

Its dawned on me I need to accept my new size and remind myself that my body has taken a battering over the last 18 months with operations, hospital stays and illness. Yet acceptance can be tricky when hot weather forces a need to shop for lighter clothes. I suspect most people experience insecurities when faced with the dreaded changing room mirror. Today was particularly challenging but I did find a flared skater skirt in my size and kudos to Sainsburys Tu range for providing pretty clothes in curvy girl sizes.

Back to my point – acceptance of self in the form of this blog post and a shout out to fellow curvy ladies whose top half is always bigger and whose thighs continue to meet in the middle. Please comment if you feel the same and if you made it to the end of this post then thanks for reading it.

marilyn monroe curves beach swimsuit

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Watermelon Days

The colour palette of watermelon is perfect for Summer style inspiration. Corals mixed with jungle greens burst with sunshine and who can resist the fun accessories. The Watermelon Graphic Green Band Watch is so adorable.

Watermelon Days
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Lolly Pop Nails

Lolly Pop by Leighton Denny with a flash of silver polish by Fearne on the ring finger and BarryM Diamond Glitter on the first fingernail.

 Lolly Pop by Leighton Denny

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Coffee Banana Breakfast Smoothie

I’ve always found breakfast a chore and would often skip it. However the last 18 months has meant a plethora of medicines due to ill health (see here or here.) The motherlode of medicines take place in the morning and finally I have had to admit my no breakfast policy is not ideal. I had seen the Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender on various  blogs so ordered one on Amazon. It has become my breakfast saviour. Most mornings I throw in a banana, Alpro Almond Milk or Alpro Coconut Milk, a large (sometimes larger) spoon of instant coffee, a dash of dark chocolate cocoa powder and lots of ice. It is delicious!


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Pretty in Pink Blush

Pretty in pink blushers for a rosy glow in Summer. Click on the mini images below for more details. The Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Swish & Pop Blusher in Love is the Drug is top of my wishlist. Click here for neon pink pop nail varnish and click here for some gorgeous pink lipsticks.

Pretty in Pink Blush
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