Star Gazing

Star Gazing – Linda Gillard

A beautifully descriptive narrative told from the perspective of a blind person. It makes you feel incredibly thankful for the blessing of sight. The love story element drew me in initially but seemed to lose its way within the book’s sometimes heavy-handed politics. Overall it was inventive, richly descriptive and made me want to visit Skye.

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star gazing

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2 thoughts on “Star Gazing

  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It certainly deserved to be shortlisted for the Robin Jenkins Literary Award as the book’s locations are on my travel wishlist now. Beautiful narrative.

  2. Thanks very much for reviewing STAR GAZING. I’m the author. I was pleased to hear you enjoyed the book. It was shortlisted for “Romantic Novel of the Year” and the “Robin Jenkins Literary Award” in 2009. The latter was for books that promote Scottish landscape.

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